v1.10 patch notes


  • New build options: houses. Houses cost 100 gold and increase your population limit by 3. Upgrade to tier 2 and 3 (10 gold each) to increase your population limit by 4 and 5, respectively. 
  • New build option: mining camp. Mining camps cost 50 gold and generate income over time. Mines start out generating 7 gold per 5 seconds and this amount diminishes over time until the mine collapses. 
  • Castles now produce 2 gold per 5 seconds instead of 6 every 7 seconds. 
  • Castles now provide only 5 supply instead of 15.
  • The default / minimum population is now 15. i.e. if you have no houses and no castles, you will have 15 population. 
  • Start gold increased from 150 to 350.

Reason for houses and mining camps: To reduce the strategic important of castles. Currently, castles are the end-all be-all. The player with the most castles, wins, almost always. This is so because castles provide 1) income 2) supply (pop limit) 3) map control and 4) military strength. The goal in this patch is to relegate some of the strategic advantages of castles to other buildings (namely houses and mines relegating supply and income). That way, players must adopt more creative strategies -- besides simply capturing all the castles -- to win.

  • New build option: blacksmith, costs 225 gold.
  • New units: hand gunner (tier 2) and mounted hand gunner (tier 3), trained from the blacksmith. These units have their own sub-class (gunpowder) and are weak against missile / archer units (missile does double damage to gunpowder units), but strong against buildings (200% damage vs. buildings). Additionally, gunpowder units, as opposed to missile units, have bloom which causes them to fire at slightly randomized angles and miss occasionally. 

Reason for these new units: A dedicated anti-building unit is much-needed to prevent stalemates and tower spam.

  • You can now sell buildings (except castles and mines) if the building was not attacked recently using the delete key. Refunds are 50% the original purchase price of the building.
  • Barracks now costs 150 instead of 125.

Reason: To prevent polearm spam as a valid strategy and encourage unit diversity.

  • Cavalry now do half damage against pole arm

Reason: Although pole arm had massive DPS vs. cavalry (220% damage), it didn’t matter because low health coupled with cavalry high DPS causes the pole arm unit to die too quickly. This will make pole arm a hard counter to cavalry.​

Other changes:

  • Significantly improved performance for mid to late game, when there are a lot of units on the map. 
  • Upgrades are significantly cheaper (30% original price of building multiplied by the tier, instead of 50%). 
  • Castle unit spawn time reduced from 30 sec to 25.
  • Non-castle unit spawn time reduced from 20 to 15.
  • You are now forced to place castles in such a way that leaves walkable areas around the castle.
  • You now get a message warning and text flash if you reach your population limit.
  • In-game text for earning gold (e.g. when a castle earns gold) are now more legible with a black stroke.
  • Refunds for canceling a building or selling, now shows in plain text.
  • Longbow damage reduced from 26 to 22.
  • Set the minimum victory time to 50 seconds because a lower time was causing bugs in the map editor test mode.
  • Units now fade after 15 seconds instead of 60 (for better performance).
  • Fixed longbow arrows looking like the smoke from newly placed or destroyed buildings.
  • Added sounds for the house, blacksmith, tower and mining camp. 
  • Home screen music now plays every 5 hours instead of 24. 



Please update with new devlog! Unless that was a temporary decision... (from discord)

In sandbox mode was new buildings: Town hall and woodcutter. In next 1.11 update we will see new currency?

I hope you can get the servers back up, me and my friends really enjoy playing this game at work, since we can't install any games.